Sedation Dentistry for Kids: Helping Relieve Anxiety

One of the best ways to prevent your child from developing dental anxiety is to not let them see your own fear. Try and demonstrate a positive attitude about dental visits using whatever method works best for you. 

Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Most people have heard of gum disease, but far fewer have come across the term periodontal disease. This is because periodontal disease is the most advanced form of regular gum disease and is used to describe the condition once it reaches a point where there is significant damage to the gums and other structures that support the teeth and hold them in place. These structures are collectively known as the periodontium and are crucial for us to maintain healthy teeth and an attractive smile.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is whereby a tooth is permanently extracted from its socket. Many dentists do not like extracting teeth. They take pleasure in fixing them until they reach the end. Tooth extraction is not a pleasure for the patient either. If you have to lose a tooth, there is no need to worry. You can replace it with dental implants.


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