Benefits of Dental Sealants

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a popular dentistry treatment that involve painting a thin, plastic coating onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth in order to protect them. This is usually done on the back teeth only. These are known as the pre-molars and molars and have the largest chewing surfaces of any teeth. They are also covered in fissures that make them more vulnerable to decay, since these grooves can be deep and hard to clean with just a regular toothbrush. Any plaque that develops here can be impossible to remove yourself, increasing the risk of decay developing and causing irreparable damage to your teeth. Although anyone can get dental sealants, they are most often applied to children and teenagers.


Here's what you need to know about the benefits of dental sealants.



Getting Dental Sealants Is Quick And Painless


There is nothing more off-putting than the prospect of a long, painful appointment with your dentist. Fortunately, this preventative treatment is entirely painless and can be performed in a fairly short time. Once the teeth are prepared with a special solution to rough their surface and allow for the adhesion of the sealant solution, the acrylic sealant is applied to them and allowed to harden for a few minutes. It’s that simple, and no anesthetic is required.



Dental Sealants Are Long-Lasting


Although every patient is different, dental sealants are typically quite long-lasting, remaining in place for as long as 10 years before they require replacement. You can help sealants to last longer if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine and don’t chew and bite hard objects. Your dentist will be able to advise you when sealants may require replacement.



Sealants Are Easy To Repair


And if your sealants do require maintenance or replacement, this can be done quite simply too. Your provider will just need to prepare and repaint any exposed areas of the enamel in the same way as the original treatment to restore your protection against cavities and tooth decay.



They Are Super-Discreet


Nobody will need to know that you have dental sealants. They are either clear, white or lightly tinted, and their location at the back of the mouth makes them extremely discreet as well as being protective.



Dental Sealants Are Affordable And Cost Effective


Exactly how much dental sealants cost will vary between providers, but typically they will set you back anywhere from $30-$50 per tooth. However, when you compare this to the cost of treatment for decay, which can include fillings and even crowns, dental sealants represent good value for money.



Your Sealants May Be Covered By Insurance


Since dental sealants offer excellent protection against cavities, many health and dental insurance providers will actually cover all or part of the cost for this preventative treatment. Check your personal insurance coverage for more information.




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