Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings

Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings

When you visit a dentist every six months or as scheduled for routine checkups, two things happen. First, the dentist examines your gums and teeth to ensure that they are healthy. Second, he or she gives you a professional dental cleaning.


Brushing and flossing help with everyday cleaning. But, in the course of the six months, your teeth could have developed tartar or other issues your toothbrush couldn’t help with. When you go in for cleaning, the dentist uses a unique tool to scale the tartar. He or she also polishes your teeth using a gritty paste. The polishing takes out any stains on the surface of your teeth. The dentist also flosses your teeth to clean the edges of your teeth and the surface between them.


Routine Dental Cleanings Is Important


If a healthy mouth, a brilliant smile, and fresh breath are essential to you, you understand the importance of regular visits to the dentists for cleaning. But, here’s a reminder of the benefits you gain from having your teeth professionally cleaned:


Maintains Your Breath Fresh


Dental cleaning reduces the bacteria that cause bad breath. Although brushing and flossing do an excellent job at this, professional dental cleaning does a deeper cleanse. It reaches areas regular washing cannot reach. Without issues of dirt and bacteria, your mouth remains fresh and clean.


Enhances Your Smile


Dental cleaning gets rid of dirt and stains that regular brushing cannot. Stains are particularly stubborn, and your toothbrush cannot take them out. But, with a dental cleaning, the stains go away, allowing you to have brighter, whiter teeth. You might smile even more from all the possible dental costs you have evaded.


Boosts Your Health


The wellness of your gums and teeth largely influences the wellness of the entire body. For example, when you have a toothache, your entire body feels sick. You can barely do anything. Most people like to sleep all day.


An infection in the mouth can quickly spread to other parts of the body. The infection produces severe consequences that undermine your general health and wellness. But, with dental cleanings, you avoid any infections.


Saves You Money


Regular teeth cleaning wards off dental conditions and illnesses that would otherwise be expensive to treat or fix. It helps that some dental insurance plans fully or partially cover the cost of dental cleanings. This pushes the costs further downwards, saving you money.


Protects Your Mouth from Cavity


The most common reason people seek dental care, according to research, is to get a solution for cavities and decay. It is less expensive to have your teeth cleaned than to fill a cavity or have a root canal.


Prevents Loss of Teeth


Many people lose their teeth from gum disease. It starts with the buildup of plaque on the gum line and the surface of teeth. As the disease advances, the plaque calcifies to the point that it destroys and thins the supportive tissue. Without adequate support, your teeth become loose and start to fall out. But, dental cleaning helps to protect you from gum disease in the first place. If there is no lingering plaque or tartar, your gums and teeth stay healthy and in their proper positions.


Regular dental cleanings are a preventative measure that ensures your mouth remains healthy. Get your teeth cleaned and other dental health procedures at Attuned Dental Care in Milpitas, California.


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